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Clean and Maintenance

Laminate flooring is both easy and cost efficient to maintain properly. The following maintenance guide will help to ensure that your laminate flooring always looks its very best.


Sweep and vacuum to remove debris or grit.

Debris left on the floor can get caught underfoot or dragged around by a mop and cause scratches on the floor.

Remember to use a vacuum with a hard floor attachment and not the beater bar. Avoid using brooms with hard bristles.

Mop Properly. For laminate flooring, a microfibre mop is a good choice. Because it keeps moisture out. You can clean it either dry or damp, but don’t flood it. Slightly moist is the best.

If your floor has bevelled edges or v-grooves, always vacuum it first. If you decide to use a damp mop afterwards, always finish cleaning with a microfibre cloth.

Some cleaners can actually ruin the floor. They don’t leave a nice finish. You can just use water, or laminate flooring cleaner.

You should clean the mop frequently. But when you clean it, don’t use fabric softener. Just use water.

Avoid liquid spillages. Spillages of water or other liquids should be wiped off immediately.

to protect the floor from sand we recommend you to use doormats at entryways(but do not use mats with a rubber backing)

Place floor protectors under all furniture legs to avoid scratches. Heavy items must not be dragged across the floor.

Place mats under all chairs with caster wheels.


Do not use chemicals, household cleaners, soaps or wax. These will dull your floor and make it hard to refinish.

Do not use a steam mop.

Do not drag any sharp objects across the floor.

Do not walk in shoes that have nails in the soles or heels.

Do not allow dust and grit to build up.

Do not sand or polish Laminate floor


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